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recharge & grow

a recharge programme dedicated to your personal growth

Do you feel that there is a gap between where you are and where you want to be? Do you want to become more focussed, less stressed, and make healthier choices? Do you feel the need to refuel your batteries?

This programme is meant for you as an opportunity to recharge – by training your skills to become more mindful, emotionally agile, and resilient. The 3 webinars capture the essence of each foundational skill – while offering interactive elements to experience mindfulness, emotional agility, and resilience in practice and equip you with simple tools that you can easily implement into your everyday life.

Get ready to challenge your thinking, build new habits, and move closer to the life you want to live. Reconnect with what truly matters to you.


about me
Jessica Paulus has become specialised in brand & personal development. Building upon a background as a communications strategist and entrepreneur, she has always been passionate about the people side of a business. Having spent several years in the advertising and fashion industry, Jessica found herself in fast-paced environments where the well-being of people often was consumed by unhealthy work ethics. After going through a burn-out in 2019, she started her journey of personal development – a journey that truly changed her life. Based on her experiences and insights, Jessica now offers recharge workshops as well as a recharge programme for individuals who also feel the urge to slow down again and to reconnect with what truly matters to them.



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