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Eva Authentic Living - Amsterdam

Lead Your Life From Within

Eva has been working as a holistic coach for over 10 years, helping women to uncover their true desires, design lives full of purpose and wellbeing, and live in a balanced and conscious way.

She founded Eva Authentic Living after her own experience of burnout and a subsequent cancer journey, which led her to truly transform how she views and lives life. Through her own recovery she experienced the benefits of different kinds of therapies, and she began to see how disconnected many women were from themselves. 

After she was diagnosed with cancer she experienced a profound shift in her perspective and her work became deeply grounded in the combined elements of mind, body and soul to offer healing and connection for your entire being, and to discover your true feminine self. 

Eva is a certified Rebalancing Bodywork Therapist, certified Stress Coach and certified Talent Management Assessment Practitioner since 2010, and has gone on to expand her learnings to include courses in trauma healing and shamanic practices. She has also completed many different masterclasses in the field of body-mind-soul connection to deepen her skills and knowledge.



Eva Authentic Living – Amsterdam

Eva Visser

Hillegomstraat 12-14
1058 LS Amsterdam
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