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Why we should be talking about the elephant in the room

Finding the creative leader within yourself...

and daring to look beyond

At Decorate The Elephant, we focus on empowering you to move towards authenticity, feeling connected and taking up your due space

How do you show up authentically and unapologetically? How do you claim the space you deserve and are you able to share your talent? Decorate the Elephant offers a combination of coaching and mentoring with a strong creative personal leadership aspect involved.

There are many different places in life where you need to take ownership of your path and the story you want to tell. Whether you’ve burned out or bored out, or are done hiding yourself, Decorate The Elephant might be just what you need to come out of your rut.

All programs have the following objectives:
Connecting to the world around you, ownership, creativity, expression, (self-)compassion, connecting to purpose, telling your story.

Key elements used are:
Creativity, meaningful connection, active resilience, shifting perspectives.

Knowing who you are as a person and leader of your own life and what you stand for. Taking ownership of your own process in the now. Experiencing how you authentically connect to others in a meaningful way. Experimenting with a creative language to express yourself and tell your story.

Whether you are recovering from a burnout, boreout or feeling the need for a sense of direction, and if you are open to exploring your current perspectives on a more creative level, at Decorate the Elephant we welcome all personal expeditions that clients are on and look forward to helping them access their own inner wisdom. Self-perceived lack of artistic talent is not an issue! Creativity comes in many forms and all clients have access to their own creative language.

Programs are both available in Dutch and in English and are typically either 6 or 12 sessions, online, and on a biweekly basis. In-person sessions on location or at your home are possible at an additional fee. For recovering burnout and boreout clients specifically, Decorate The Elephant offers a program that addresses the lack of purpose and hopelessness clients often feel. Clients will be working on a personal creative project that addresses their sense of self and the perspectives they hold. No creative experience of any kind needed.

If you are interested in a 30 minute sample session, we would love to hear from you!

Josine van Asch van Wijck is a certified Co-Active Professional Coach and has a background in leadership and personal development program management, marketing and a degree in Museum Studies. She has an international background and is bilingual. On a personal level, she is a married mother of 3 and totally digs elephants.

What others say about Josine & Decorate The Elephant:

“I was burned-out. I was completely lost, suffering an identity crises. I was questioning my sense of self and my identity. I was experiencing great personal conflict. I felt that I needed to change drastically, but couldn’t.
Words fall short to describe my before, my during and my after, but simply said: Josine is gifted with a sixth sense and great instinct. And in short, Josine helped me realize with visualization and creativity that:
‘True power
Is living
The realization
That you are your own
Healer, hero and leader’
as in these words by Yung Pueblo”

Corporate notary, mid 40s, mother of 2

“Your coaching lead me through a major transition in my life. Every time I got stuck during that period, you created a safe space where I was able to curiously investigate my resistance. It surprised me more than once how fast you were able to get me in touch with my emotions by asking a simple question. Your observations were spot on and allowed me to shift my perspective and see what was under the surface.
The creative and funny exercises gave me hands on tools to deal with my elephants and get them out of my way so I could move forward.
What makes you such a great coach is that you were open minded, genuinely curious, intuitive and not afraid to confront me. Your creativity and humor keeps it fun and light, even when there can be tough cookies to deal with.
I can honestly say I am in a different place right now. Sometimes I cannot even believe what I have created for myself. I am very proud of what I have accomplished and thankful to have such a great coach to guide me.”

Customer Insights expert, mid 40s, mother of 2


Decorate The Elephant

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