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Cristina Popescu

Holistische Coach

Do you find yourself overwhelmed and stressed out about things you usually don’t?
Do you sometimes feel like drawing into the daily demands, constantly switching between parenting and work?
Do you often feel guilt when you work and spent less time with your family, only to feel guilty when you do spend time with your family but your work is not done?
Are you tired of being tired and pushed all the time?
Learn how to BREATHE and RELAX, so you can do more in less time, find your own rhythm between work and family life, and have time for yourself too!
Now imagine working 6 focused, productive, and preferably uninterrupted hours, then turn off your computer and deeply connect with your family. No distractions, no interruptions, notification, or email checking, just you and them!
Can you see their face? The joy and happiness on their face? can you see your children jumping around and the embrace of your spouse?
Can you feel your body relaxed, your mind calm, and your emotions peaceful?
You know your work is done, you’ve been productive, and there is no need to do the extra work after. You are fully present there.

The Breathe and Relax Program

This is what you are going to get after The Breathe and Relax Program.
With a 10 weeks Coaching Program, you will:
  • Learn why you get overwhelmed and tired
  • Identify the core beliefs that keep you stressed
  • Work on the mindset blocks, and replace the old ones with new and empowering mindset.
  • Learn how to manage your mind so you can manage and regulate emotions, make better decisions, choose better actions and get the results you want
  • Learn how to manage time and tasks
  • Learn how to manage your energy, so that you have energy left for yourself at the end of the day

How do The Breathe and Relax Program work?

  1. Register on the button below for free a call with me.
  2. After the call you will know for sure if The Breathe and Relax Program is the right program for you.
  3. Register for the program.
  4. After you are in, for 10 weeks, 2 times a week, you have live coaching and training, to work on your mindset, learn, implement and develop skills you need to relax at any given time.

Cristina Popescu – Holistic Coach

Cristina Popescu

Tristanweg 44
3077 CR Rotterdam
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