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Check-in with yourself and have a quick power-relax every Sunday, so you’re ready for Monday and ready for life!

Ready For Monday Ready For Life is all about you achieving your goals and living as your best self. You create time for yourself to clear your mind, focus your intentions and relaxing enough to allow that super-mind of yours to do its best for you, so you’re ready, strong and confident for whatever life brings your way.

Designed for busy people, so it’s online, only 40 minutes and it’s a weekly check-in with yourself, to keep you on track and accountable to yourself. It’s ideal for anybody living a life with responsibilities, trying to stay happy, active and creative.

In short, it’s mind-hygiene and maintenance; it does for your mental health what going to the gym does for your physical health – something we should all be doing.

This unique approach works with both the conscious and subconscious mind, using Solution Focused techniques and Hypno-meditation. You could call it meditation-plus, because you’re not only benefiting from using the meditative state but also practising a very effective solution-focused approach to actively make positive changes you want in you thoughts and in your life, whilst you relax. And the great news is you don’t have to learn to sit and meditate, you can just enjoy lying down all cosy and be easily guided to access that space where you can make those important changes.

It is not magic but it can really do wonders.

Book Free Live Introduction
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You’ll learn some very important things about how our brains work and neuroscience facts, and enjoy some relax-time for yourself with a taster hypno-mediation.
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  • When: Every Sunday evenings
  • Time: 20:15 CET  (19:15 GMT)
  • Duration: 40 minutes
  • Where: online via Zoom
  • Facilitator: British Clinical Hypnotherapist – Maral Kojayan MA HPD
  • Cost: €30,- monthly Pass Or €15,- per session. Free Introduction.
  • Language: Native British English
  • Sign up: link to registration

Live Introduction Session Times:
20:15 CET Introduction on 1st May.
From 8th May 19:50 CET Introduction then join one free taster at 20:15 CET